Data Station Plus

Red Lion’s Data Station Plus is the single-device solution for protocol conversion. The DSP bridges the communication gap between disparate serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices—unlocking untold information from PLCs, drives, motion controllers, etc., orphaned by incompatible communications standards. Drag and drop register mapping allows a Siemens PLC to talk to an Allen Bradley drive in just seconds. With a growing list of over 300 serial, Ethernet and fieldbus drivers, the DSP allows you to choose the best-in-class automation components, without worrying over whether or not they’ll communicate with one another.

Data Logging:
Data points logged from devices, machines and processes provide a performance baseline for analysis, and can be used to trigger PLC functions, alarms or notifications when points stray from nominal parameters. These variables can be used as reliable predictors of impending machine failure, monitoring for preventative maintenance, as well as general performance monitoring of distributed processes or discrete production throughput. Reliable data can be used to identify process vulnerabilities, abnormal conditions or wear trending. Data Logging can be used for real-time monitoring of process activities, product traceability and quality control issues, TPM, downtime, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), or be used to generate virtually unlimited data sets for statistical analysis and control decisions.

Remote Monitoring:
One Data Station Plus allows a user to quickly set up monitoring of a number of disparate devices in a control application, collect performance data, display it, store it for evaluation, or trigger PLC functions, either live or remotely. The Data Station Plus’ built-in math capability also allows probability calculations to pre-analyze hard point data to provide only relevant information. An integrated OPC server allows easy SCADA connectivity using Red Lion’s OPCWorx. The multiple data, alarm, event and security loggers in Crimson® 3 provide data in “IT ready” CSV files that can be easily opened with applications such as Microsoft® Excel. No software plug-ins are required to access your application data. And a built-in CompactFlash® card slot provides unlimited data storage as well as secure and immediate retrieval of the DSP’s configuration. All the requirements for quality traceability, production tracking or maintenance are now embedded into one platform. The ability to monitor your process can be set up in just minutes with the DSP’s connectivity and logging tools.


Part # Function Web Server with Virtual HMI Operating Temperature
DSPLE000 Protocol Converter N/A 0° to 50°C
DSPLE001 Protocol Converter N/A -20° to 70°C
DSPSX000 Protocol Converter, Data Logger QVGA 0° to 50°C
DSPSX001 Protocol Converter, Data Logger QVGA -20° to 70°C
DSPGT000 Protocol Converter, Data Logger VGA 0° to 50°C
DSPGT001 Protocol Converter, Data Logger VGA -20° to 70°C
DSPZR000 High Performance Protocol Converter, Data Logger WXGA 0° to 45°C