Revision History

Revision History

Build 3106.004 (10/23/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed MQTT Connectors Fail with Large Packets
Fixed OPC UA Incorrect Publication Times


Build 3106.000 (9/18/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added support for Amazon® Web Services (AWS™) MQTT
Added support for Microsoft® Azure® MQTT
Added support for Ignition by Inductive Automation® Sparkplug MQTT
Added support for CR3000 15" Display HMI
Added DNP3 driver support to CR3000 HMIs
Added ABB TotalFlow Enhanced drivers improved string handling
Added new ABB TotalFlow Enhanced Master v3.0 communication drivers with array support
Fixed ABB TotalFlow Enhanced drivers RS-422 communications errors
Added communications driver for IDEC MicroSmart PLC
Added enhancements to BSAP Master Serial and UDP drivers
Added string and integer support to BSAP drivers


Build 3104.000 (7/2/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed CR1000 Ethernet Communications Failure
Fixed Cannot Change Legacy Whole Dial Gauge Start Angle and Swept Angle Settings
Fixed Web Server Using the PC Keyboard Bypasses Check-Before-Operate


Build 3101.001 (5/8/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Added download support for CR3000 HMIs
Added Enhanced OPC UA Server
Added 24-bit color support for Enhanced Web Server
Added ability to access System Menu without a power cycle
Added driver for Banner VE Series Smart Camera
Added option to use a local broadcast to BACnet UDP/IP Master Driver
Added Serial and Ethernet drivers for Panasonic FP7 MEWTOCOL7 PLC
Added support for a dynamic number of digits after the decimal place for numeric formats
Added support for camera drivers for CR1000 HMIs
Added support for Class 1, 2, 3 DNP3 responses without need for unsolicited messages
Added support for event buffers to DNP3 slave drivers
Fixed ABB COMLI driver register error
Fixed changing display mode for Gauge Primitive crashing Crimson
Fixed communications module not accessible after database conversion
Fixed Crimson 3.0 soft keys getting assigned to icons in CR units
Fixed DNP3 slave driver not supporting reals
Fixed DNP3 TCP reporting incorrect timestamp
Fixed downloading firmware via serial requiring two downloads
Fixed DynDns not updating IP address
Fixed folders showing in unused tag list
Fixed Function Block help not accessible from Resource Pane
Fixed G10R showing incorrect text on web server landing page
Fixed Gauge Primitive artifacts
Fixed General Format not allowing decimal point entry for floating point values
Fixed Graphics Symbols not showing on clean install in 64-bit Windows 7
Fixed inability to correct soft key related errors in imported G3 databases
Fixed large fonts causing crash of Crimson configuration
Fixed log files needing to be refreshed with F5
Fixed sending J1939 multipacket PGNs producing GMC error
Fixed TCP updates during SD card access causing unit to reboot
Fixed Trend Viewer Primitive drawing beyond window
Fixed web server not functioning on Graphite HMIs
Fixed web server not showing log files with custom path name
Fixed web server showing Size column in log list


Build 3100.010 (3/19/18) download

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed changing that date causing the year to be saved incorrectly for CR1000 HMIs


Build 3100.009 (1/29/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed FTP Server Lists volume label
Fixed FTP Server Lists describes root directory incorrectly
Fixed graphical primitives from showing incorrect names
Fixed reported issues using the FTP Server on Graphite HMIs


Build 3100.008 (1/24/18)

Fixes and Updates:
Added updates to the Crimson manual
Fixed bootloader upgrade failures via Ethernet for CR1000
Fixed various system stability and file system issues for Graphite HMIs, Controllers and CR1000 HMIs


Build 3100.003 (10/16/17)

Fixes and Updates:
Added download support for CR1000


Build 3100.002 (10/6/17)

Fixes and Updates:
Fixed errors in manuals
Fixed fan images not matching in symbol library
Fixed functionality of Graphite auxiliary Ethernet port
Fixed loss of I/O module mappings when importing a database
Fixed loss of transparency in symbols


Build 3100.000 (10/3/17)

Initial release of Crimson 3.1